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2016 Annual Results Conference of Yanshi Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Exchange Meeting of Ningbo Water Supply and Drainage Society Held in Ningbo

The 2016 Shanxi Yanshi Industrial Group Corporation Achievement Announcement Conference and Academic Exchange Conference of Ningbo Water Supply and Drainage Society were held on September 23 in Ningbo New Century Grand Hotel.
The meeting was first addressed by Mr. Ma Linhai, chairman of the Academic Committee of Water Supply and Drainage of Ningbo Civil Engineering and Architecture Association, and made a summary report of the association's 2015 work.
Li Qingren, Sales Manager of Chang's Group, delivered a speech on behalf of Chang's and wished the meeting a success. It briefly described the current status of the cast iron drainage pipe industry and the achievements of the Chang's Group in the construction water supply and drainage industry for more than two decades. The group solemnly promises that: our Drainage Drainage Experimental Tower will always be open to all experts for free. We welcome any suggestions, suggestions and experimental projects from experts at any time. We hope to establish a long-term technical exchange and cooperation relationship with all experts to jointly contribute to the technical progress of the building drainage industry. Contribute.
Industry leader Jiang Wenyuan's consultant chief engineer's special report "What we are doing" made a report on the development of building water supply and drainage technology and standard work.
Wu Kejian, Technical Director of Chang's Group, made a publicity speech on GB / T12772-2016 "Flexible Interface Cast Iron Pipes, Fittings and Accessories for Drainage", explaining the improvements in the national standard.
Ren Shaolong, Manager of Test Department of Chang's Drainage Experiment Tower, reported the results of experimental research in 2015 ~ 2016, and showed on-site the new products and new technology research results of Chang's in the past two years, and had extensive exchanges with participating experts and designers. . The meeting was a success.
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