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Sperm tubes carefully, carefully make each one
Possessing 46 patents for casting pipe production technology
"Blast furnace + electric furnace" short-flow casting process

"Blast Furnace + Electric Furnace" short-process casting process national demonstration base. Domestic companies that use blast furnace hot metal to directly cast drainage pipes can save 147 kilograms of coke per ton of cast pipes compared to the same industry, which is low cost, energy-saving and emission reduction. .
Electric furnace tempering and temperature adjustment
Ensure that the casting temperature deviation is ± 10 ° C, and that C, Si, P, S, Mn and other elements are controlled within the range of ± 0.02%, so as to ensure the tensile strength of the cast pipe product ≥200Mpa. (Chemical composition determines mechanical properties)
Nine-station centrifuge (independent research and development of patented products)
Pre-set process and precise control of centrifugal force ensure the dense internal tissue and smooth appearance of each casting tube.
Automatic cutting machine (independent research and development of patented products)
Avoid burrs, steps, horseshoes and other defects, ensure that the end surface is flat, and ensure the docking quality of the engineering installation.
Multi-station internal grinding
All cast pipes are internally ground to remove scum on the surface of the inner wall to ensure smooth inner wall and smooth drainage.
Shot blasting
Thoroughly remove the coating on the surface of the cast pipe, reflect the nature of iron, improve the adhesion of the paint, prevent the penetration of corrosive substances, and prolong the service life of the cast pipe.
Water pressure 10000-1 = 0
100% hydraulic pressure test, full exhaust of the inclined hydraulic press to ensure that the inner wall of the cast pipe is in full contact with water, and the hydraulic test pressure is 0.35Mpa, which guarantees that 100% of the factory cast pipe will not leak.
Automatic spraying line
To ensure uniform spray thickness and strong adhesion, to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the cast pipe, and to provide ordinary asphalt paint, electrostatic dusting, epoxy paint and other products.
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W-type, W1-type, A-type, and B-type series products have complete categories and sufficient stock to ensure timely delivery.
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