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Sperm tubing, carefully do everything
Chang's can produce more than 2000 kinds of drainage pipe fittings
"Blast furnace + electric furnace" short-flow casting process
Yan's Casting Industry is a national demonstration base of “blast furnace + electric furnace” short-flow casting process. Domestic companies that use blast furnace hot metal to directly cast pipes can save 147 kg of coke per ton of cast pipes compared with the same industry, which is low cost. Energy saving and emission reduction.
Electric furnace tempering and temperature adjustment
Through the intermediate frequency electric furnace and spectrum analysis, the casting temperature deviation is guaranteed to be ± 10 ° C, and various elements such as C, Si, P, S, Mn are controlled within the range of ± 0.02%, so as to ensure the tensile strength of the pipe product ≥150Mpa. (Chemical composition determines mechanical properties)
Coated sand core
100 sets of *** core-making equipment from Chang's can produce 20,000 sand cores per day; the surface of the sand core is delicate, ensuring the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, without burrs, and the drainage is smooth.
Mechanized vertical molding line
The molding line adopts advanced manipulator core technology to achieve high-efficiency production; the intelligent memory function can realize automatic optimization of the mechanical actions of the casting process according to different pipe fittings, ensuring that each pipe fitting achieves the best casting effect and qualified rate. Modeling, lower core, casting, and falling sand are integrated, 240 boxes of castings can be cast per hour, and 50,000 pieces of DN38-DN300 pipe fittings are produced per day on 5 molding lines.
Shot blasting
Continuous mesh belt blasting is used to remove impurities on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe, reflecting the nature of iron, improving the adhesion of paint, preventing the ingress of corrosive substances, and extending the service life of the pipe.
3 different grinding tools are used to grind the inside and outside surfaces of the fittings without dead angles; drilling holes on the flanges of type A and B accessories and controlling the deviation of the hole diameter is less than 0.5mm.
Adopting full automatic spraying (dipping) coating process, we can provide products of asphalt paint spraying, epoxy resin spraying and electrostatic dusting according to domestic and foreign customers' requirements.
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W-type, W1-type, A-type, and B-type series products have complete categories and sufficient stock to ensure timely delivery.
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