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Historical heritage

Client-Manager Wang
Why is your company named "泫"?
Sales-Xiao Zhao
Manager Wang, please see below.

"Xuan" iron color, mysterious black and red.

The ancient place name is Gaoping City, Shanxi Province. It was called the Ji Family in the Spring and Autumn Period and Changping in the Warring States Period.
Unearthed cultural relics in Gaoping-Arrow
Ancient smelting scene
Chang's Site
Gaoping is a well-known coal and iron town in the country. Because of the high calorific value and low sulfur content of coal, the “Crucible Ironmaking” was invented in the Spring and Autumn Period. Pig iron is cheap and of high quality. Wonderful.
During the Ming, Qing, and Qing dynasties, iron products in a county in Gaoping accounted for 20% of China. "Jianning Iron Nails" and "Dayang Steel Needles" are sold nationwide and exported to Central Asia.
Crucible ironmaking
Crucible ironmaking
Jianning iron nails
Dayang Steel Needle
Chang's Foundry  
The company's name is Chang's, and it is determined to raise the salary, pass on the smelting, refine the "pipe" and make it brilliant!
The company's English name, with its homophonic "泫", means bright sunshine. SUNS Chang's Casting Industry is based in Shanxi and heads for the world.

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