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development path

Over the past 22 years, the people of Chang's have been committed to the research and development of cast iron drainage.

1月7日,泫氏公司成立。 On January 7, 1994 , Chang's was established.

国内***成功使用涂料金属型离心铸管工艺生产铸铁排水管。 In 1996, China successfully used cast metal centrifugal casting pipe technology to produce cast iron drainage pipes.

承接***份出口韩国订单333.7吨,泫氏产品开始世界之旅。 In 1997, it received *** 333.7 tons of orders for export to South Korea, and Chang's products began to travel around the world.

首年产销量全国***。 The first year of production and sales nationwide in 1999 ***.

***采用水平造型线生产铸铁排水管件。 In 2002, the horizontal molding line was used to produce cast iron drainage pipe fittings.

中标鸟巢、水立方… 成为2008北京奥运会的指定供应商。 Winning bids for Bird's Nest and Water Cube in 2006 ... Became the designated supplier of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

自主创新研发九工位离心机,建成8万吨铸管车间。 In 2011, it independently researched and developed a nine-station centrifuge and completed an 80,000-ton tube casting workshop.

采用先进的迪沙(DISA垂直分型压实)造型工艺,建成4万吨规模、装备先进的管件车间。 In 2013, the advanced DISA (DISA vertical parting and compacting) molding process was adopted to build a 40,000-ton scale, advanced equipment pipe workshop.

依托国内首座***化排水实验塔,全国建筑排水管道系统技术中心在泫氏挂牌成立。 In 2015, relying on the country's first demonstrative drainage experimental tower, the National Building Drainage Pipeline System Technology Center was established in Chang's. Chang's embarked on a new journey towards a production service company ...